Flashback Friday: Summer 2008 Edition

Today we are leaving on a road trip down to Illinois to celebrate the 80th birthdays of my grandfathers. We don’t often make the trip as 10+ hours in the car is hard for little ones to endure for the span of a weekend. The last time we were there in the summer was when Noah was two. We had a blast that summer. Here are a few of my favorite photos:

Canoeing with an adorable little blonde child.

Many Saturday mornings were spent hanging out with the animals at Gayle Woods Farm.

Pigs at the farm.

Staring contest with the chickens at my Aunt Heidi’s place. We’ll be staying there again this weekend!

Potty training was completed.

It was a big summer. We went to Korea, I saw Kanye and Rihanna’s tour (free tickets), Jimmy Eat World killed it at First Ave, saw the Wiggles live, and I met my other husband, Matt Nathanson. And yes, he is just as beautiful and charming in person.

Happy weekend everyone! If you want to keep up with our travels, follow me on Instagram: Juneofthemoon.

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