Summer Update

Holy cow this summer is flying by! Minnesota summers have a tendency to do that. They past two weeks have been a blur.

  • Noah spent all week last week up north with my parents and grandparents. Poor little dude got strep his first few days there so he was laid out for much of the trip. He was a trooper though! It was SO HARD not to drop everything and drive the four hours north to grab him, but my mama is the best caretaker when you’re sick so he was in good hands.

  • Noah then got Fifth Disease and is currently covered in a lovely rash. Poor dude can’t catch a break! This is the sickest he’s ever been in one stretch.

  • Ezra’s favorite way to pass time now is to do anything outside. He loves to swing, mow the lawn, jump on the trampoline, and take stroller rides in the cul de sac. He’s also beginning to build his vocabulary (newest word is yes), climb on everything, and dancing up a storm. Kid loves to dance. (Here Comes Science by TMBG is the current fave)

  • The husband has been working his butt off all summer, weekends included, and it paid off this week: he got a HUGE promotion! We grilled steaks and were merry. So proud of him!

  • I have tweaked my herbal supplements and my migraines seem to be under control again! Granted, it’s been only four days, but being headache free for four days is like a miracle!

  • Our garden is BLOWING UP! Picked a giant zucchini yesterday that I plan to make into a delicious zucchini bread this weekend. I’ll do a full post on our horticultural experience soon.
Wishing I were sipping a mojito and reading a book in the sunshine, but alas, duty calls!

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