I Baked!

I have become somewhat of a domestic biotch this summer. I perfected the art of banana bread this winter and our vegetable garden has inspired me to continue in that vein. This weekend I tried my hand at zucchini bread for the first time. The recipe wasn’t a home run, but over time we’ll make it our own.

It started with this monster of a zucchini that I let grow far too long.

Since it was so big I sliced it in half and spooned out all of the seeds. The grating was the toughest part. It took that giant zucchini for the two loaves!

Sticking my fingers in the freshly grated goo was my second favorite part (first being tasting the batter.) Baking is so much easier than I ever thought. You just mix it all together…

…stick it in the oven…

… and voila! Two delicious, though overly moist in the middle so they deflated a bit, loaves of zucchini bread! [Note: drain the grated zucchini before adding to the mix.]

I used this recipe I found on Google and it was all right. If you have a killer zucchini bread recipe, preferably without a bunch of fruit and crap in it, I’d love to hear about it!

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