Have you joined Kiva.org yet?

Kiva is an awesome non-profit organization that utilizes microfinance instituitions around the world to help alleviate poverty. They loan individuals and groups money to buy the supplies they need to help them get a toe hold on their own self sustainability.

Their statistics are mind boggling. They have done so much good in the past seven years! They have loaned over $333 million dollars with a repayment rate of 99%. That is amazing. They are currently running a special where new users get a $25 loan just for signing up. Once you sign up, you have $25 that you can loan to whoever you choose from their list of borrowers. I loaned my $25 to Theoneste in Rwanda to buy much needed farming supplies.

Kiva is a great organization and if you have an extra $25 (or more), what better way to spend it than to help another person!

Join here!

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