Book Review: These Granite Islands

Stonich beautifully wove together the past and the present to tell the tale of the summer of 1936. In a small mining town in Northern Minnesota Isobel befriended the elegant and tumultuous Cathryn. Isobel was then drawn into Cathryn’s summer love affair with the handsome Jack. She was their sentinel all summer until one fateful day. Isobel did not show up one day out of spite and that was the day that Cathryn and Jack disappeared.

The fast and deep connection between Isobel and Cathryn stayed with Isobel throughout the rest of her life, even in Cathryn’s absence. It was amazing to find out that her most vivid dream of Jack and Cathryn’s final resting place was dead on.

This book was haunting, romantic, and real. I can’t wait to pick up her other novel The Ice Chorus as well!

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