Help As a Four Letter Word

I’ve always been an incredibly independent person, probably to a fault. My first instinct when someone offers me help of any kind is to quickly and politely decline. “No thanks. I’ve got this.”

For some reason accepting help has always felt like a sign of weakness to me. And asking for help, well that’s just admitting defeat.

When Noah was born I was convinced I could and should do everything myself. I received too many stares from strangers because I was a young [looking] mom. I felt the need to prove to them and to everyone that I was capable. I was working full time and determined to do it all on my own.

Then life intervened and I began to learn that help is actually a beautiful thing. To be blessed with so many people in our lives willing to help. This is a lesson that has been 27 or so years in the making.

Sure, I can do it all on my own, but why? I can accomplish so much more with the support of my family and friends, why not take them up on it? One day, I’ll even be soliciting help first!

One example: Thanks to a lot of help this weekend our death trap of a deck was demolished a safe new deck finished! Thanks to family our house is really shaping up this year! [Future blog post: The Joys of Buying a Foreclosure]

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