It's Official - We're Crazy

This weekend we will be bringing home our fourth pet: a kitty named Kinsa. That’s right, we are bringing a third kitty into the mix. Why would we do such a thing? Well, Kinsa is currently living in a bedroom with another kitty (who is wicked anti-social) and the only other option for him would be a shelter where he’d be killed. My husband met and fell in love with him, so he can’t stand the thought of that outcome. So Kinsa will be coming home with us on Friday to join our brood.

He looks like this:

So this weekend we’ll be adjusting with new kitty and digging in the vegetable garden. I am so excited! I love that we now have a yard big enough to throw in a big veggie garden and still have tons of room to spare.

I’m convinced we should just move to a farm. Then we could have a herd of cats and dogs and a garden so big it requires a tractor.

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