[Photos: 3 weeks old & 9 months old]

This handsome fellow is 9 months old! A few of his favorite things:
  • Standing up on EVERYTHING. Human, animal, furniture. Doesn’t matter. Kid cannot sit still.
  • Solid foods. God forbid you try to feed him something if he has a bite he can reach on his own. Back off woman!
  • His brother. If he hears Noah in another room he yells to him. Constantly. It’s the cutest.
  • Getting into trouble. I’ll say “No no” in a sweet voice, he stops, smiles, then goes back at it. I have to admit it’s a game I enjoy a bit too much. Watch this one bite me in the ass in a few months.
He has hit a major growth spurt the past month and finally has some chunky baby thighs! I love it. On top of that his second tooth just popped through and he’s fighting a double ear infection. He’s a trooper though! It’s going to take a lot more than that to keep this littlest dude from pulling apart the Wii and rearranging my bookshelf!

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