Being a parent is hands down the hardest job you will ever have. You are on 24/7. Concern about your children never leaves your mind. You constantly second guess yourself. You find yourself in new territory that needs to be charted on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. It is a tough job regardless of circumstance.

So why does it become a competition when elementary school hits? Why do some parents feel the need to judge other parents and/or put them down? Can anyone explain to me the logic in this?

As parents we all have the same end goal - to raise our chilldren to be good people. How we get there may vary, but we’re all headed in the same general direction. So why can’t we all be more supportive and constructive with each other? We all have different resources and situations but our kids are all being raised in the same community. Whether or not you realize it, your behavior towards other parents is setting an example for your children. Our district is so focused on bullies on our playgrounds but what of the bullies on the parental front? Maybe the playground bullies are just leading by their parents example.

Parents of school age kids, show as much compassion to your fellow parents as you can. We’re all in this together. Stronger parental ties will create a stronger community for all of our kids to grow up in.

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