Ear Infection Parents: Help a Sister Out!

Ezra is on his third set of antibiotics for ear infections that won’t quit. Here’s the rundown:

1. Amoxicillin - did nothing.

2. Augmentin - cleared up his goopy eyes and provided some relief from apparent ear pain.

3. Omnicef - one dose last night and he’s had blowouts all day, no pee, and isn’t eating hardly at all.

Did you guys have any similar experiences? Husband has a call out to the triage nurse as daycare is concerned as well. I hate that my little dude is obviously not feeling well, but feel helpless in the interim. What have you done that’s helped with the tummy troubles and ear pains? We’re using a probiotic in his night-time bottle in hopes that helps the drainage as well. Are we missing anything?

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