The Solitary House by Lynn Shepherd

I finished The Solitary House by Lynn Shepherd this week and it was awesome! I was a lucky recipient of an advance readers copy fro GoodReads. If you love books and have not joined this site you’re missing out!

I’m not always a huge fan of historical fiction and mystery, but this book had me hooked all the way through. The tale was woven in a way that kept you guessing but didn’t keep you so in the dark that it was frustrating. Murder, scandal, intrigue, classes colliding all set in 1850s London. Shepherd’s descriptions of the city at the time were extremely interesting to a social sciences girl like me.  To think of extravagant carriages riding through the streets while the poor dug through the mud and sewage at the side of the road to make their own meager living. It’s hard to imagine that this was reality in big cities less than 200 years ago.

I definitely recommend checking this one out. It’s a quick read that will leave you eager to get you hands on anything else Shepherd has written. Murder in Mansfield Park is now on my list of must reads!

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