I have battled migraines since I was about 10 years old. They are definitely tied to my hormones and have gotten progressively worse [again] since Ezra was born. I have gone down the traditional path to seek treatment, but no drug or neurologist could find anything that even took the edge off. I’ve just been suffering through the misery and confining myself to bed when they get bad as 12+ hours of straight sleep is all that seems to work.

Having to sleep off migraines that occur monthly and last over a 1-2 week period is a wee bit difficult when you work and have two small children. My mom had a friend in South Korea who had her migraines cured through acupuncture. After a few months of her urging and me finally reaching my fun limit with these damn things, I thought I’d give it a shot.

I have had two sessions in the past week and the outcome has been AWESOME! Obviously my migraines are not yet cured (that will take 4-6 months) but I am already feeling the positive effects! The sessions have been beyond relaxing, which has helped ease the tension in my neck. I feel calmer and more relaxed overall. I’m also taking a few supplements to help with the muscle tension and migraine relief. I can’t wait to see the results over the next few months!

First session: Strictly needles in my feet, arms, and head.

Second Session: Needles and Cupping - left me with some sweet hickeys all over my upper back.

Read more about acupuncture here.

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