Tuesday Observations

  • If you’re going to drive like an asshole, best not have Jesus with a crown of thorns on your back window.

  • Common workplace elevator etiquette (or so I thought): don’t talk on your cell phone in an elevator. Don’t hold the door open as you’re getting on because you haven’t finished your conversation with someone who will not be riding the elevator.

  • Why would anyone feel the need to read a newspaper on an overcrowded bus? What are you tyring to accomplish with this space theft?

  • I need to stop reading certain things because the stupidity and immaturity of some people gets under my skin. ESPECIALLY when those people have children.

  • United States of Tara is a kick ass show.

  • Whenever I wear my hair down people ask if I got it dyed. Apparently the underside is one color and the top side another?

  • I ran out of formula this morning. Lunch today will be veggies!

  • My pretty dress is currently on its way to MediocreMommy as we speak! So excited to find it a nice home.
All in all, it’s been a good day so far.

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