This little dude. He was my world for five whole years. I lived and breathed for his bright brown eyes and huge grin. He was at the forefront of everything I did. His existence made me push myself that much harder, made me be a better person. To never allow myself to give in or give up. He is one of the largest forces that has shaped me into the person I am today.

We’re not as close as we once were. Life intervened. He continues to grow, not to need his mama for as much as he once did. We battle daily over the little stuff. He is asserting his independence, his own will, his own desires. All of which are wonderful things, just not when you are trying to get dressed and out the door so you’re not late for work.

We’ve gone through our fair share of trials in his five short years and we’ve been each others rock. He is such a caring, gentle soul. I’m so blessed that he’s mine. Because from what I hear, his rendition of Poker Face at the backup daycare is pretty damn awesome. And the phase of ending all knock knock jokes with the punchline “boobs” was also awesome. Especially when he did it in front of my coworkers. So much love.

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