The Wii Room

This weekend we cleaned up the spare bedroom in the basement. It has been a shit collector for the past 18 months. Here’s the before:

We got rid of the ten year old computer desk that I have been dying to trash for YEARS. Found everything a good home, steam cleaned the carpet, moved in some furniture that was stashed around the house and voila!

The carpet needs to go and the walls need to lose the border and gain a new coat of paint. But we are so much closer to home! We are the slowest people to take over a new house. Granted, we’ve been busy with other things the past two years, have limited home makeover funds, AND this house is twice as big as the last house we had. We’re getting there. It feels more like home everyday.

[Edit: I also fell down the stairs moving boxes and hit my back wicked hard. Also have some sweet rug burn on my wrists. Yeah, I yelled fuck when I fell. And I may have cried. Noah didn’t even notice. Thank god for selective hearing!]

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