The South Pacific

Whenever my wanderlust kicks into full gear, my mind always drifts to the South Pacific. I have no idea the cause, but I am drawn to that part of the world like no other. I recently began to read a book that has been sitting on my shelf for ages - Among Stone Giants: the Life of Katherine Routledge and Her Remarkable Expedition to Easter Island by Jo Anne Van Tilburg. It is doing nothing but fueling my desire to visit this intriguing island with it’s rich and mysterious history.

Before Easter Island, Fatu Hiva was my go to happy place. I read Green Was the Earth on the Seventh Day by Thor Heyerdahl and the obsession began full force. Thor was a kick ass explorer. He ventured to Fatu Hiva with his wife for their honeymoon. They spent some of their time there living with a retired cannibal. Can you even imagine? “Hey babe, let’s get on a ship and go to a remote island that still has living cannibals on it for our honeymoon. It’s going to be awesome, I swear!”

The book that came from that excursion is still relevant today. It talks about a slower lifestyle, becoming more in tune with nature. It is a beautiful book.

Another favorite of mine is more recent - The Sex Lives of Cannibals: Adrift in the Equatorial Pacific by J. Maarten Troost. The contrast between these islands (yes they are different islands, but the same overall themes are present) over the past 70+ years is mind-boggling. Troost’s humorous tale of his time spent in Kiribati paints a very different picture than that of Heyerdahl’s time. I would love to experience firsthand the odd pairing of the ancient with the modern. I’d also love to try me some kava!

Wanderlust has me in its grips yet again, so I am resorting to my old college texts (anthropology major FTW!) and old books I’ve read, and new Pacific Island books. Life goal: sail the South Pacific. Visit the islands I’ve read about. Drink kava. Pose with a moai. A girl can dream, right?

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