Learning to Read

This fall Noah began to learn how to read. As an avid reader myself, I could not be more excited at his interest and progress in this realm. I love sitting down with him and taking turns reading Amelia Bedelia and Origami Yoda.

As I was revisiting some coaching techniques tonight, I came upon this realization: teaching your child how to read is very much like teaching your child how to live. In both cases your job is to guide, provide some correction, encourage, praise, to ultimately give them the tools they need to sound it out on their own. With a new reader you want to equip them with different ways to figure out a new word, not just recite it for them. Life is much the same. You don’t want to tell your kids what to do their whole life, you want to teach them problem solving tools they can take with them to make their own decisions when the time comes, when they become less dependent on you.

I think about that a lot. In the end, I want my sons to grow up to be well rounded human beings. I want them to make mistakes and learn from them. I want them to be able to face life altering decisions head on. I want them to still be able to act in the face of fear. I want them to know that I will always be there to support them, but ultimately, it’ll be their life, they’ll be the ones in charge.

So for the 18 or so years I have them, I hope I can show them through example as well as through teaching, what tools they need to be a happy, successful person. Whether that be as a tattoo artist or a lawyer, I hope I can help equip them to reach that goal.

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