This kid. He is starting to discover his passions these days. One of them is playing guitar while listening to Flogging Molly. We’re going to get him a pint size guitar for Christmas to see how his chops are. It is so amazing to see his interests really take shape. I am excited to be the one who gets to nurture them as he grows.

We’re still trudging through therapy, we still have bad days, but at the end of the day I know we are doing everything in our power to do right by him. He more than deserves it.

EDIT: I somehow failed to mention that due to a huge windfall we received today we are able to take him to Wisconsin Dells this weekend on our way home from Illinois. He’s been asking to go for the past two years. We are all beyond stoked. However, if my bikinis don’t fit, I am screwed. Minnesota doesn’t sell swimsuits in November.

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