MY SON SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! He is five months old TODAY and he slept through the night last night for the first time. What a wonderful gift for his mama!

Baby is five months old and up to 13 lbs! He gained 1 1/4 pound since we had his 4 month check up and the doc was worried about his weight! She’s now happy with his progress and anticipates a big growth spurt between now and his 6 month appointment due to his new formula diet.

Our life is stressful right now. Both of us working full time. Husband’s work schedule is all over the place (times and locations). We are balancing three counseling sessions a week (yeah, we each have one now. w00t!). Our house is a wreck due to never being home. But we haven’t been this happy and content in years. For the first time in a LONG TIME I can say I love my life, in all its imperfect moments.

I’ll post more of a five month update tonight, the first night I’ll be at home all night in a LONG time!

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