Breastfeeding = DONE.

Breastfeeding post, feel free to keep scrolling.

After much wrestling within my own mind, I decided it was best that I stop breastfeeding. Yesterday was my last day. While I find that I do miss it a bit, especially in the middle of the night, I am very confident that I made the right decision.

Here are the reasons I stopped:

  1. Ezra is not gaining the weight he should be. We learned this at his 4 month well visit. The doctor sent me on my way with a list of things to try with him, not only to get him to eat more during the day, but also to get my supply up. He is eating .5 ozs more at a feeding, but still not up a full ounce yet. As for my supply? Nothing I’ve tried has helped and I DREAD pumping everyday at work as it is so painful now.

  2. Pumping was taking 90 minutes out of my workday, thus causing me to have to spend more time away from my family to get my job done. Not to mention the fact that I barely got enough out for 3 of the 4-5 feedings I’d miss during the day.

  3. Ezra clearly prefers the bottle. The past few weeks have been a battle with him to get him to sit through a full feeding. Give him a bottle and he is calm as can be and eats it right up.

  4. The supplements I was taking to get my milk supply up made me feel awful. Not only did I start retaining a large amount of water, but my GI tract got messed up too. I’d weather that for an increased milk supply but it only got me about .5 extra ozs PER DAY.
I’ve been miserable the past two weeks trying in vain to make this work when it dawned on me yesterday: Ezra doesn’t really even like it anymore. So not only is it a health concern with his weight, but he prefers to be fed with a bottle. Weaning IS the right decision for us. I realized the only reason I was sticking with it was my own pride. Now that I’ve let that go I feel as if a weight has been lifted.

So I am taking the weekend to enjoy my huge (though painful) boobs as I know they may never be this big (or perky) again. The End.

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