Parenting has proven to become more difficult as Noah has gotten older and not because he’s a difficult child. With a baby, while it is no easy task, it is pretty clear what you need to do to care for them. Feed them, change diapers, rock them to sleep, entertain with shiny objects. There is a more finite list of things for you to do. As your child grows older the time you spend with them requires more of your forethought and energy. Simple things no longer entertain him. He desires new challenges, more knowledge, MORE of our time. It becomes more complex.

He’s now at the age where he can understand the ways in which we are teaching him to be a good person. He doesn’t just blindly follow directions. He wants to know why he is doing something. He wants what he’s doing to count for something. And that’s great. But he’s still too immature to understand the big picture in some cases. He is only five. So it’s a fine balance for us to figure out what we can expect of him and what is too much. Plus, it changes constantly.

His behavior at school has improved the past two days, though is still not perfect. He has four chances to earn a :), a :/ or a :(. Two days ago he had two :/ and two :(. Yesterday he had two :) and two :/. Today we are shooting for four :). If he accomplishes that he is “King of the House” for the night. I’m not sure he’ll get four, but I am pretty sure he’ll get at least three.

My son is a creative, compassionate, curious, wonderful little boy. I would hate it if the stress of the last few months were to negatively affect his schooling from day one. I love him too much. How could you not love that two year old face!

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