Sleep PLEASE?!!!??!?!?!

Thanks all you ladies who gave me some advice about helping Ezra to sleep longer at night! Here’s where we’re at:

  • Clusterfeeding: tried this the first night. He wouldn’t wake up to eat and what he did eat he spit back up. FAIL.

  • Formula: I gave him a bottle that was 1/4 formula before bed, no change, except more poop. The next night gave him a 1/2 formula mix, nada. FAIL.

  • Rice Cereal in Breastmilk: Still on the fence with this one. I know we did it with Noah but he was older at the time. So…let’s give it a go…but then I have to cut one nipple bigger…what if he chokes…but what if he sleeps…blErg.
I haven’t had a full nights sleep in TEN WEEKS. I haven’t slept for more than 4 hours at a stretch and that’s happened like twice. Not gonna lie, I may lose my shit next week at work due to this.

How the hell did mothers used to do it back in the day? Not only popping the baby out in a field, but then continuing working like nothing happened right after. Way to make a 21st century working woman feel like a wuss.

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