My Week So Far

So far this week has been tops! Day three back at work and can’t complain too much about the adjustment. Long story short I am single momming it for the time being. The boys have behaved amazingly well given all of the changes in such a short period of time. Our evenings are so peaceful. The tv doesn’t even turn on, we just spend our few precious hours together soaking each other up. Lots of deep discussions about the most random topics with my five year old and lots of snuggles with the little dude. Kindergarten starts in 3 weeks! Another curveball to our routine!

Work is a whole other story. Walked back into a bunch of messes and miss-communications. Also didn’t get a hand off from my backfill as to what the hell he was doing the last three months. Thanks dude. Coming later this week: a shameless plug for you to patronize my products. It does involve needles, a teaser that can’t be refused!

Oh, and I got my period today. Folks, I have seen this lady TWICE in the past 4.5 years. Seeing as I am not getting another IUD yet, I have to see her a lot more than I’m used to now. Cue the violins.

And sorry I’m a bit of a reblog whore. Adjustments to routine and lack of legit sleep and no one at home to pitch in make me a tired lady!

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