In Regards to that Breastfeeding Post

I re-blogged a post of breastfeeding from HeyLaney earlier today. I have to say I agree with her 100% even though I did not experience major issues breastfeeding.

When my oldest was born five years ago I wanted nothing to do with breastfeeding. The whole idea freaked me out and made me super uncomfortable. So when the moment came with all the doctors and nurses staring me down moments after pushing a child out of my vagina, I chose formula. I do not regret that decision one bit. He has always been happy and healthy and is as smart as a whip. He’s not once been on medication for any ailment other than the occasional cold/flu.

My second son was born three months ago. All throughout the pregnancy I went back and forth on the idea. I finally decided I was going to give it a shot, no expectations, and go from there. The first few days were rough. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I’ve been lucky enough that we have had no major issues in the past three months. We’ll see how he progresses over time, but I in no way expect him to be any better off than his older brother was.

I have done both by choice. Both have worked out for me wonderfully. AND formula feeding in NO WAY makes you lazy. It can take more prep than breastfeeding in that you can’t forget to take it with you when you leave the house! Cleaning bottles is a pain in the ass too! A breastfeeding book I read recently basically slammed bottle moms saying they don’t hold their baby while feeding, thus bottle fed babies don’t require as much attention at daycare because they aren’t used to getting it. Um, EXCUSE ME?! I have NEVER propped a bottle up for my child. If he couldn’t hold it, I was holding it.

In sum, the breastfeeding debate should cease to exist. It’s none of your business what someone else does. In my opinion you’re a worse mother for judging what others do and I really hope your kids don’t learn that trait from you. No one likes a douche.

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