180 Degrees

I haven’t had much time to write as of late as our lives have turned around. We started over this week. Instead of focusing so much on the broken pieces, we’ve decided to focus our sights on the path ahead of us. And it feels oh so good.

It feels good to be focused on what we can do, on what lies ahead, on what we still have and on what all of it can grow into. We are finally on the same page again and it feels awesome.

So for now I am focusing on the present, the here, the now. What I can do today. Today I am organizing the office/guest bedroom. 

Ignore the poopy colored walls, the nasty carpet, and the hunting border. This is one of the last rooms in the house to get a makeover since we spend no time in there. Also, this room needs to be spiffed up in case we need to rent it out. Anyone in the Twin Cities who’s not a creepo and doesn’t mind children and is quiet need a room and bathroom? Hit me up. It’d be like a Tumblr sleepover. Only you’d have to pay me once a month.

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