Bad Day

Way too much of my day was spent doing this. While it may look like I am smothering him with my hand, I am not. He doesn’t quite “get” how to suck on his paci and this is the only kind he will take. With me holding it in his mouth and my hand touching his face. Then he grips my hand with everything he’s got.

Today, in short, blew. I am JUST starting to work on interview prep. Add into the mix a headache, a five year old that won’t go to sleep, my anxiety levels at a million and you have a recipe for disaster.

As I am going through my notes though, I realized that I have gotten a lot more out of my current position than any others I’ve been in. That makes answering the interview questions that much easier. Maybe I won’t screw the whole thing up tomorrow. I’m also hoping to play up the “I haven’t had any time to prep seeing as I just popped a baby out of my vagina a few weeks ago” card.

First of three interviews at 8 am. My nerves are shot. Too bad it’s against company policy to drink and come into work. A shot of Jameson before I hit the interrogation room would be nice.

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