Random Thoughts

  1. There are burglaries and attempted kidnappings going on in my neighborhood this week. An undercover sheriff was staked out in our cul de sac for a good portion of the afternoon. Apparently we didn’t move far enough into the sticks to avoid this type of nonsense.

  2. I am excited for the thunderstorms that are in the forecast the next couple of days. They are one of my favorite parts of summer.

  3. I put on my husband’s deodorant today so now every time I lift my arms even slightly I smell like him.

  4. Our cat sitting job got sabotaged by the owner’s daughter but I’m still hoping they pay us in full. (Their adult daughter a) randomly shows up at their house ALL THE TIME and then says we’re not feeding the cat because she gets there before we get off work and b) she offers their house for her friends to stay at while they’re out of town, thus not needing our services for the cat.)

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