Headed in the right direction

Just got home from the doctor for my 37 week appointment and things are looking good! He should be here any day now, which is nuts! In the meantime I am having a hell of a time keeping my blood sugar up for any length of time, so that’s been my main focus the past few days.

Husband is getting really excited too. I was super out of it after labor the last time, so he was the first to feed Noah and changed his first diaper. He loved that and is kind of hoping for it again. I, of course, am hoping not to feel super stoned after this labor like I did last time, but we’ll see!

I really do wish my mom were in the country so I could call her and tell her all these good things. I either have to wait for hours or email. And let’s face it: dishing to your mom via email just isn’t the same. She’ll be here June 2nd though for three weeks! Yay!

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