Dear 36 Weeks,

[Pregnancy complaining, feel free to skip!]

You are currently kicking my ass. And I was doing so well too! This weekend I accomplished the following:
  1. Two loads of laundry.
  2. One load of dishes (broken dishwasher).
  3. Vacuumed the living room.
  4. Began the tedious task of cleaning out my work Inbox.
That is all. I was too tired to do much else. Plus, my napping superstar decided that this weekend he wasn’t going to nap. Therefore I didn’t nap. I am not liking that trend either.

Other things I am really not enjoying:

  1. Peeing CONSTANTLY but he hasn’t dropped so it doesn’t make a ton of sense to me as to why I am.
  2. I have pooped more times in the past few days combined than I have the rest of the entire pregnancy.
  3. Cramping yesterday and today has been so distracting. I’m REALLY hoping it’s not an early labor sign since we aren’t ready for this little guy for a few more weeks.
  4. FATIGUE! It was exhausting just to walk from the bus in to work this morning.
  5. I am eating all the time even though I am not expending any energy! I even eat in the middle of the night!
Those are my current complaints. I won’t be continuing to talk about them unless they get exponentially worse. There was a just a plethora of them these past few days. Now I need to put my nose to the grindstone and get back to work! But first I need to waddle to the bathroom and hope I don’t pee myself along the way.

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