And so it was!

It really was a good day! First off, I submitted my resume for my promotion today. Yay for getting that done! Now the ball is in their court!

I then had my 36 week doc appointment at which I was told my doc was delivering a baby so would be 45 minutes late. She was only about 15 minutes late (it was a fast baby) so nice surprise there! Then she checked me and said she thinks I probably only have about two more weeks left! I feel like he’ll be here a little early and I’m glad to hear she thinks the same. That still gives me enough time to wrap up and hand off my job to my backfill. W00t!

I picked up little dude and instead of being his usual whiny evening self he regaled me with stories of his field trip to the raptor center which was awesome. When I got home, husband had done the dishes and then replanted little dude’s beans in the bed in front of the house.

All in all a great day! I have a distribution center tour tonight that I wish wasn’t so late (they don’t start processing orders until 8:30 pm) but excited to see how it all works!

Hope you guys had nice days as well!

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