A bit better

Feeling quite a bit better this morning, but still feeling like this little guy is going to make his appearance sooner rather than later. Heading in to work for a half day to kick some ass as I have so much to wrap up. Then coming home for a hardcore nap. I missed out on about half my sleep last night.

On top of all that the wicked crazy dreams have started. Two nights ago I had a dream that Tawny and I were going to go see Jimmy Eat World together but she had to bail before the show because her sitter was being a pain. Then last night, I went to bed with wet hair and dreamt that that bed was full of blood. When I woke up I was super disoriented because not only was my pillow soaking wet, but I was in pain. Turns out the blood was all in the dream, but ew. Not a fun way to wake up.

It’s the final countdown!

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