Freaking Out

58 days left?! Are you kidding me?! Yes I am over being sore, stretched, kicked, punched, unable to control my own body…but 58 DAYS?!

I haven’t bought the stroller/carseat yet! The nursery is painted, but still in pieces! My house is nowhere near as clean and organized as I want it to be before he comes! Not to mention work! I have SO much to accomplish before he comes, including paving the way for a promotion, yet my concentration is shot most of the day.

It’s gotta be hormones and some stress, but I have been FREAKING OUT this week. I almost had a panic attack yesterday. Funny thing is, we were much less prepared the first time around (as most people are) and yet I didn't panic then at all.

My big focus now is Noah’s birthday party tomorrow. It’s his last big hurrah as an only child and I did go overboard considering there will be three kids attending. Once that is over, that may help me relax a bit.

Deep breaths woman. Jeezers.

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