Baby Registry

After our son was born we decided we were a one child family. He was the easiest baby and we had so much love for him we couldn’t imagine sharing that with another child. We felt this way until our son was about three and a half years old. We then got to thinking another would be fun. This decision came about 6 months after we had sold ALL of our baby stuff in a garage sale to prepare for selling our house and de-clutter. The story of my life.

That being said, I am super blessed to have two sets of parents who have been more than willing to pitch in to help us get restarted. My mom so graciously bought a crib and bedding for my birthday (and a stroller/carseat combo I have yet to purchase!) and my MIL is now wanting to pitch in on all the basics. In order to do that I am creating a baby registry. I am having WAY too much fun doing it! Remembering all the tiny person things that will soon be a part of my life again is overwhelming in a good way.

In 8-10 weeks I will be a mother of two. I can’t help but smile.

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