One time I had this friend

One time when I was 16 I met a boy while on vacation in Hawaii. He was playing his ukele staring out at the ocean as I walked by. This boy was a native and I was instantly in love. We literally hung out for a few hours one evening and then my family flew to a different island. That was all the face to face contact we had.

When I got home we started writing letters and emails. They were just long teenage rambles, full of all the wisdom we thought we had in our naive (and in his case stoned) little minds. I poured out my heart to him in these letters like I had to no other. Still in puppy love with this kid who wrote me poems and sent me leaves from a road trip with his dad to Vermont.

This sporadic correspondence held up for two years after our chance meeting. Cue my college roommate planning a Spring Break trip to Seattle. I knew this boy was going to school in Vancouver at the time. Coincidence?! I think not. I jumped on that and got to see my boy for the second time ever! Being in college, we stayed with him in his dorm and the whole experience was amazing. The crush disappeared and was replaced with the love of one for a good friend. [This was by far one of the craziest weeks of my life.]

I decided that the Northwest Coast was the place for me after that trip and moved to Seattle a few months later. During my Seattle stint I made sure to go up and visit this boy, the last few times with my fiance in tow. (Yeah, I was engaged at 19). We moved back to MPLS a year later and have been here for the past 6 years. I have not seen this boy since then, though we have kept in touch a tiny bit.

The reason for this post? He emailed me today that he will be in the state for work for a few weeks as of Monday. I have the chance to see someone who was a part of my adolesence and young adulthood mostly in absentia. There’s something about this kid that just strikes my soul. I feel like we grew up together, and in some ways we did, even if it was in different states. Something with us just clicked the night we met when we were 16. I don’t have a lot of old friends, part of why this boy is so important to me. He has never met my son, something I am having a hard time believing. I can’t wait to connect those two parts of my life. Something old and something new.

It’s also good for me to remember the good times from the past. They do exist. Sometimes I just forget.

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