Look Out World!

Mama’s having an emotional day! I am out of the office tomorrow and have a pile of stuff to do that keeps growing exponentially with each passing hour. I cannot get my brain to cooperate to form cohesive sentences in the emails I need to send out to senior leadership for my current initiatives. It’s either pregnancy brain, stress, or both. I just met with someone who I set up a meeting with and had to have her refresh my memory as to why we were meeting. Luckily she is pregnant too, so she understood. The fact that I was on the verge of tears while we were talking was ridiculous. It was a meeting about store communication for pete’s sake!

Add to that the fact that things with husband are a little rough right now, I only have ten weeks left to prepare for this baby, there are only 3 weeks left to prepare for my 4 year olds birthday party, I am driving 5 hours with only my 4 year old this weekend for a wedding and you have a pregnant lady who is about to explode with stress. Pass me the whiskey!

Despite all of that, I am so thankful for what I have. I have a great job with the chance of a promotion around my due date, I have a gorgeous home in a great neighborhood, I have a beautiful son who makes me smile every day, I have another handsome boy on the way, I have parents AND in-laws who love and support me, and despite all we go through the fact remains that my husband is my best friend.

So it could be worse, eh? I could be my next door neighbor who currently has 3 out of 4 kids sick with vomitting and diarhea, and one also has pneumonia. Yeah, my hormonal ass has it pretty good.

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