I Got What I Wanted?

Have you ever asked someone for something, not really knowing what it is you want, then you get it and think what the hell was that?

I am really struggling with this with someone in my life right now. I want space, I NEED space, but at the same time I want this person in close proximity. I care about them immensely but they are making really stupid choices with their life, something I can’t just sit by and watch. There are so many other things that complicate this situation, making it beyond stressful to have to deal with.

I’ve never been one who can just sit back and watch someone I love destroy themselves. It cost me a few close friends in college. My heart gets too heavy to be a part of someone’s life if they are going to throw it away.

I got what I wanted last night, yet I still feel so empty. I’m moving to the point of numbness now though. I don’t want to hear any more talk, I want to see some action. Until that happens, don’t call. I love you, but I’m too broken for this.

//End sad rant.

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