Bedrest Day #7

So far today I have:
  • Logged on to work to tie up loose ends

  • Started watching Greek from Episode 1 since the Netflix streaming is pretty limited in choices

  • Filled out MOST of Noah’s kindergarten registration forms seeing as the school called this morning to nag about them already
This afternoon I will:
  • Go to Target for essentials as I’m FINALLY moving back home tonight

  • Pick up yet another immunizations copy from the ped since I am an idiot and didn’t make copies of it already

  • Pick up monkey from daycare

  • Go to my own home and sleep in my own bed
I have my glucose test and bedrest check tomorrow at 9:30 am, yahoo! I am predicting a clean bill of health as my pain is pretty much all gone and the little man is riding a bit higher than he had been. I can’t wait to get back to work on Thursday as so much has been happening in the world of Pharmacy that I have no one outside of work to talk to about!

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