Bedrest Day #1

Pregnancy laden post, so skip if you don’t want details.

I have been having what I thought was round ligament pain for about a month now. I talked to my doc about it at my last appointment and she confirmed that. However yesterday as I was sitting at my desk at work the pain became much more concentrated and really distracting. I called my doctor and the nurse told me I should come in. They took all of our vitals (blood pressure, blood, his heartbeat, etc.) and all were great. When she checked my cervix it was really low and his head is down. Being only 24 weeks that is not a good thing. His head is not engaged and my cervix is closed, yay for that!

Moral of the story is I have been pushing myself too hard physically. I’ve been doing everything I shouldn’t and so now I’m done. I’m not supposed to do stairs, go out, or go to work. I went back to work after my appointment yesterday to talk to my boss as well as get stuff I’ll need for the next week. I am still trying to procure a work laptop as I can’t be sitting at a PC to work from home. Also, moved in with the in-laws since that makes everyone’s life easier while I’m out of commission.

I kept my shit together really well yesterday until everyone was in bed. Then I went and woke up my husband in tears. Hearing things like “he is viable” and “the doctors would do everything to save him” and “he would probably have short term and long term issues due to premature birth” hit me like a ton of bricks at that point. I am not ready to meet my son. Luckily, if I follow doctors orders we should be fine. The scary thing to think is that I was hesitant to call yesterday, feeling like I was just complaining about plain old normal pregnancy pains. Too many what-ifs have run through my mind. I am forcing them out though, because we did catch it and he will be fine.

I am home today with NPA as we are down to one car (more stress please?!). I am trying to get some work done as this week is uber busy, but at the same time be reclined most of the time.

As scary and stressful as this is, we are blessed to have family to help, a baby boy that we are not meeting yet, and a job that is flexible enough to handle this with no negative repercussions. We could be in the NICU with a four year old in tow with my job on the line. But we are not. For that, I am thankful.

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