ABC Meme

Age: 26

Bed Size: Queen Pillowtop

Chore You Hate: Dishes

Dogs? We have a 7 year old black lab mix that we rescued from animal control in Seattle just over 6 years ago.

Essential Start Your Day Item: Sugar. I need me a dose of sugar of any sort to really get going.

Favorite Color: Green

Gold or Silver? Silver all the way. I’ve never liked gold.

Height: 5’7”

Instruments You Play: I am an out of practice pianist and dabble with guitar

Job Title: Senior Business Analyst in the Pharmacy department

Kids: Noah Patrick (4), Ezra ____ (in utero)

Live: ‘burbs of Minneapolis, MN

Mom’s Name:  Becky.

Nicknames: Mev, LJ, Goose

Overnight Hospital Stays? Only when I had the first babe

Pet Peeve: Loud talkers.

Quote from a Movie: “Don’t forget to cup the balls.” —Super Troopers

Right or Left Handed? Right.

Siblings: Luke (24) Deputy Sheriff who works at a local prison

Time You Wake Up? Around 6:30 am prior to bed rest. 7:30 during bed rest so far.

Underwear: I wear all types. Currently wearing a lot of boy shorts as my booty has grown ginormously with this pregnancy.

Vegetable You Dislike: shelled peas

What Makes You Run Late: My son generally.

X-Rays You’ve Had Done: Hips and knees, sinuses many times

Yummy Food You Make: I’m pretty good with pasta or casseroles but that’s about it.

Zoo, Favorite Animal: I adore elephants. I’d totally have one if it wasn’t cruel.

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