Smilin' from ear to ear

There is nothing about this baby that doesn't make me smile. An acquaintance at work today stopped me in the restroom to congratulate me on my pregnancy (since she had heard from my boss; she herself is about to pop) and a higher up heard her and asked what the congrats was for so I told her I am pregnant as well. Every time I tell someone new, regardless of how I know them, I can’t help by have a huge smile on my face. HUGE. I haven’t smiled like that in all too long.

Then, at the meeting that followed the bathroom scene I feel the little munchkin moving around. These little movements are just starting to become a daily occurrence  something I still can’t get over. This is my second pregnancy, a fact that has calmed my anxiety over growing a baby, but all the little milestones are still as big as they were the first time.

This may sound really lame, but I honestly can’t picture this little person inside of me. I mean, for a good 4-5 years I was dead set on having an only child, so I am still wrapping my mind around the fact that we will have two kids. Let alone what this one will be like. My son is amazing in so many ways. How will the next one be amazing? What will they like/dislike? Will they be mellow or crazy? I am still in awe of the idea/fact of the creation of an entire human being that is half you, but completely their own person. As much of myself as I see in my son, he is his own being. He has thoughts and passions completely different than mine and it is so fun to watch that as he grows older. I can’t wait to be watching two lives form!

So yes, I am extremely happy about this addition to our family, even if we are slightly cracked and listing to the left. We have duct tape. And a lot of love.

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