Looks Can be Deceiving

I’ve always found it funny how ingrained in human nature it is to judge someone fairly deeply just by their outward appearance. I just have never been one to do that as severely as others seem to. That’s not to say I don’t make snap judgments just like everyone else, mine just tend to be less heavily weighted by looks.

I have always been a jeans and thrift store t-shirt kind of girl and I probably always will be. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love other things as well. Things like these:

I have very little disposable income and thus can’t afford many of the pretty things I would love to own. I don’t have time to go thrifting much because I have too much going on between work and home. Just because I don’t dress like that, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to!

To try and remedy this situation I picked up the hobby of sewing. I don’t spend a lot of time doing it because until we moved here I didn’t have any dedicated space, so anything I started on ended up in six different places while I wasn’t looking. In my adulthood I discovered a love for fabrics and the different things you could do with them, I just haven’t given myself much of a chance to explore this. So that is my summer goal. While I am home with Ezra this summer I am going to add sewing to my list of things to do, on top of gardening and long walks. Once I get back down to normal size I plan on making some killer dresses and some other stuff I can actually wear to work.

I’m sick of being mis-judged constantly and want to have some fun with my wardrobe. Maybe that way people will finally estimate me. (Michael Scott reference for those of you who thought I was just stupid.)

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