My Christmas Tradition

Each Christmas I get a decent amount of giftcards from friends and family. My tradition each year is to make sure each is spent prior to the next Christmas. This may sound easy, but I always get down to the wire. I mean, in January I am still reeling from all of the gifts I received that I don’t want to go buy anything more. Then as time goes on I forget I have them. Here’s what I’ve got on my list:

  1. Anthropologie: I always want EVERYTHING at this store and can afford about two things per gift card, so shopping there is always a challenge.

  2. Movie Gift Cards: Gave them to friends after having them for 11 months. If we don’t use them in 11 months, come on, are we really going to use them?

  3. Home Depot: There all the time, always forget this one at home.

  4. Half Price Books: $4 left on the gift card. Sold some stuff tonight and bought more but still wound up bringing home $5. Damnit! :)
Got some Christmas shopping done today too. I love shopping for other people!

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